Doug Goes Green

Solar Power Has Never Been So Cool

Doug Goes Green - Solar Power Has Never Been So Cool

Blinding Sunlight On The Road

Sun highways the majority of them beaming east and west too typically subject motorists to blinding, late afternoon sun. In heavy traffic, you might find yourself straining to see. Under these scenarios, the sun is a scorching torch, making your eyes squint and eliminating sight of traffic ahead.

Road One Tow TruckSlow down. In all possibility, traffic around you has actually decreased in speed, too. Other motorists might also be blinded by the sun. Make a quick choice, should you stay on the roadway or exit? If you exit you can take a less traffic side road or where buildings and other structures may completely or partially block the suns blinding rays. Or you may decide to stop for a cup of coffee and wait out the sun’s going down.

In the majority of situations, the sun will soon dip low enough so that driving is less harmful. Generally you need wait just 10 to Thirty Minutes prior to returning to the highway. If you stay on the roadway, draw the sun visors down, put on sunglasses, and squint. Squinting, when you’re driving straight into the sun, is typically more reliable than sunglasses. As for the sun visors, they could be inefficient. Visors are designed to shut out the suns rays when the sun is fairly high in the sky. When the sun is low, it’s blinding glare is too low for visors. Yes, well squinting, you’re still blinded by the sun, attempt checking out a finger mask. Hold the index and middle finger of one hand apart a little. Steer with the other hand. Hold your finger mask over one eye and peer through the aperture developed by your slightly spread fingers.

The finger mask shuts out all but a narrow sliver of sun glare. You can decrease the glare much more and still see the freeway and it’s traffic by narrowing the area between your fingers.

Asap wreckerWell less effective than a finger mask, holding up a magazine or piece of cardboard could shut out the majority of the suns blinding glare. If your commute is often plagued by blinding sun, consider a more permanent treatment for the glare. Take care of an extension to your cars visor to extend the reach. Take a piece of cardboard or other heavily tinted items to shut out most of the sun’s glare while still maintaining road viability.

It is very likely that you may need a tow truck San Diego if you are completely blinded by the sun and get into an accident. If you are in the south western part of San Diego it is very likely that you will need a tow truck Chula Vista. Either way it is good to have the phone number of good towing company. Towing companies come in handy in case you need a cheap tow, get your keys locked in the car or need to get cash for cars. A 24 hr auto locksmith San Diego is some one you need to keep in touch with also.

beautiful sunsetSaving energy is a serious subject, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it. It is an interesting subject as well and here are some facts that you just might enjoy sharing with your friends.

  • Solar cells are known as photovoltaic cells
  • Solar energy powers numerous devices, including calculators and water heaters
  • Space stations use solar power
  • Solar power is completely free; it is only the systems that cost money
  • The Mojave Desert, located in California, is the largest solar power plant. It is on more than 1,000 acres
  • Light from the sun takes only 10 minutes to reach the earth
  • Solar power has been used for centuries – glass was used to create a fire through the rays of the sun as far back as 700 BC

Another fun fact about solar is that you may actually save money with a tax credit from the government. Check out Wikipedia for more facts about solar power. The US government gives tax breaks to people and businesses that make use of clean energy sources. Consider how fun and easy it is to go green with solar power and save money at the same time. People living in sunny states and cities can benefit the most because of the great weather conditions they have. Solar companies literally have their hands full day and night in cities in the southwest. Los Angeles and San Diego counties are experiencing wait times for local installation companies to have a chance to install they’re solar panels. While there are many good contractors out there San Diego Solar Companies are an ideal choice for the highest quality solar panels San Diego contractors have to offer. They have ideal weather conditions and very highly trained contractors that install the very best solar power San Diego has to offer.

Today, solar power is used in many situations. It not only heats buildings but cools them as well. It also heats pools for residences. Both homes and businesses use solar energy. Here are some companies that you will recognize that use solar in some or all of their business:

  • Walgreens
  • Macy’s
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • General Motors
  • FedEx
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Kohl’s Department Stores
  • Crayola

These are some of the top companies using solar. Other companies are using it in some aspect, including Google, GE, JC Penney, and many others.

Heating and cooling a home and heating the water make up almost three-fourths of the energy used in an average U.S. household. If you make changes just to these three things, you will see a large savings over time. In 2010, over 65,000 homes, along with businesses and pools were using solar energy.

When you look at these fun facts, you see that solar power is a seriously good investment. It saves you money over time, something other forms of energy can’t do.